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The articles below are from our window treatment experts, sharing some of their knowledge to help you choose the right blinds and shades, with the right options, and keep your blinds and shades in like-new condition. If you have an idea for an article, or have a specific question, please contact us.

How to Clean Window Blinds

To keep your blinds and shades as crisp and clean as possible, choose window treatments that are appropriate for the dirt and dust levels of a given room, and always follow the manufacturers' cleaning instructions. Read More..

Form and Function

If you've ever wondered which type of blind is the best at blocking out the sunlight, or which are the most energy efficient, this guide will answer these questions and more. Read More..

Window Blinds: Room by Room

Most bathrooms do not have wood blinds for good reasons. Aluminum mini blinds are a good choice for a playroom. This article helps to determine which blind is best for each room of your home. Read More..

True or False: Black Window Blinds are Best for Darkening a Room

If your goal is to block out the light in a room during the day, you should choose a room darkening or black out shade. Not just a standard shade or blind in a dark color. Read More..

Does a Blinds' Color Make a Room Darker?

It is a common misconception that selecting black mini blinds or other dark color will block out the light entering a room during the day. In fact, true "black out shades" come in a variety of colors, from white to darks, that can match your décor and provide a dark room. Read More..

Top Seven Things to Know About Window Blinds

When it comes to selecting window blinds with free shipping, the choices are almost endless in regards to type of blind, style, color, texture, and options. While each type of blind has its advantages and limitations, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you are happy with your purchase for years to come. Our blinds experts have collected the top 7 things you need to know about each type of blind to help you make the right choice. Read More..