How to Install Woven Wood Shades

Congratulations on your purchase. Your shade has been custom made to your specifications and is one of the finest window treatments available. Before you unwrap your blinds, please take a few moments to read these instructions. With careful installation and periodic cleaning your shade will provide you with many years of trouble free service. Your shade includes the following:
  • Two installation brackets
  • Mounting screws
  • Auxiliary Support brackets if your blind requires them

Inside Mount - Inside the Window Frame

Measure one-half inch in from the edge of the window frame on each side and mark with pencil. Place the outside edge of each bracket on these marks and attach into the top of the window frame with the screws provided. NOTE: Side returns are not available for inside mounts.

Outside Mount - Outside the Window Frame

Center the blind over the window opening at the desired height. Mark the position of the ends of the headrail on the wall with a pencil. Measure " in from the marks with a pencil. Place the outside edge of each bracket on these marks and attach with the screws provided.

Mounting the Shade

With the brackets installed and level with one another, remove the wing nut from the screws and place the shade onto the brackets. With the screws coming through the mounting slots on each end of the headrail, reinstall the wing nuts onto the screws and hand tighten.

Shade Operation

Both Roman & Roll-Up shades have the same basic hardware and operating procedure. Cords, whether installed on the left or right side have the same locking mechanism. (See illustration A). To raise the shade merely pull on the cord and release the cord when i has reached its desired height. To lower the shade, pull the cord to the center of the shade with a slight tug. Then keep tension on the cord at that angle slowly let the cord go up, thus lowering the shade. if the shade should bind, check the cord alignment over the pulley (under valance).