Cellular Shades: Light Filtering and Black-Out

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are the best choice for custom light control and color choice. From light filtering to room darkening and blackout shades, these uniquely designed shades provide varying levels of light control while insulating against energy loss and outside noise. Our discount cellular shades lack cord holes and have white backings, a combination which creates a sleek, elegant look inside your house and a uniform, clean look from the outside, no matter what color you choose. Cellular shades come in a wide array of colors and patterns from pastels to bold, and prints and plain. Due to their versatility in design and function, cellular shades are some of the most popular window treatments today.

Cellular Shade Single Cell

Light Filtering

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Cellular shades with single cell construction are an econominal way to insulate drafty windows while adding style to any room. The light filtering material allows natural light to filtering while blocking harsh rays and providing full privacy. Choose from 27 colors from whites to bold darks.

Cellular Shade Double Cell Light Filtering

Double Cell - Light Filtering

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These are our most popular cellular shade for many reasons. To start, the double cell construction traps air to provide superior insullation from heat, cold, and noise. Tthe light filtering material allows in just the right amount of light. Enjoy full privacy from the outside. Choose from 19 colors.

BlackOut Cellular Shade

Single Cell - Room Darkening

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Our best selling black-out shade is perfect for any room that demands complete darkness. Ideal for bedrooms, nurserys or media rooms. The foil lined cells also provide medium insuation adding to their value. Choose from 14 classic colos. Several upgrades are available.

Top 3 Things to Know About Cellular Shades

1. Cellular Shades are Energy Efficient. The honeycomb construction provides superior insulation and energy efficiency, among the highest of any type of window treatment.

2. Shades can be Lowered from the Top Down. You can decide to leave the bottom part of your window covered. This provides privacy (especially if you're at street level) while allowing natural light to filter in at the top. This feature is often offered as an upgrade.

3. There are No Visible Cords or Holes. Cellular shades reduce light leaks, add style, and a modern look. Upgrade to the cordless option to improve child safety and give a cleaner look.