Does a Blinds' Color Make a Room Darker?

Select a black-out shade to completely darken a room.

With all the colors available today, why would someone choose black window blinds (black vertical blinds, for example) over burgundy or blue vertical blinds? The answer is simple: that person's room calls for the color black. If black window blinds - whether they're black mini blinds, black aluminum blinds or black vertical blinds - match, compliment or enhance a room's décor, then they're the perfect choice for that room. But some consumers believe black window blinds are the only way to truly darken a room (in terms of blocking sunlight that is). What these consumers don't understand is that while the color black may appear to block more light than other colors, color isn't what is blocks out the sunlight. Many factors determine how much, or little, sunlight enters a room when the window blinds are fully closed:

Correctly Measured Blinds Allow Less Light Through Gaps between the blinds and the window frame (left-right or top-bottom) allow sunlight through. Reducing the gaps between the blinds and the window frame reduces the light filtering in. Read How to Measure for Window Blinds to ensure that your blinds arrive to the perfect specs. Choosing an outside mount vs an inside mount can also reduce the amount of light that seeps through around the edges of the blind.

Window Blinds And Shades Without String Holes Allow Less Sunlight In Though a minimal amount, sunlight will peak in through those tiny strong holes. This may not be enough to bother most consumers, but possibly too much for someone who needs a pitch-black room. Choose the "routless" option on wood blinds and faux wood blinds for a tighter fit and no pin-point light spots. offer this upgrade at no cost.

A Sheer Fabric Allows More Light Than A Heavier Fabric Hold a sheer fabric up to the light, then hold up a heavy fabric. The concept works for blinds too. Wood blinds, for example, block more light than cellular shades or even black window blinds.

Blackout Blinds Eliminate Virtually All Sunlight From A Room The special layer in blackout blinds is what does the trick. Be careful when buying cheap black blinds, as they usually don't have the blackout ability of quality black window blinds. Even buying quality black mini blinds, black aluminum blinds or black vertical blinds won't necessarily give you the blackout protection you may be seeking. Look for the words blackout blinds if you want window blinds specifically engineered to blackout a room.