Faux Wood Blinds: Beauty Meets Common Sense

Faux wood blinds look and feel like real wood blinds but are less expensive because they are made from composite materials - not expensive basswood.  They are a great choice for those who want the look of real wood but are budget conscience.  Faux Wood Blinds are warp-resistant, easy to clean and available from shades of white to dark walnut stains.  Choose from smooth, subtle grain, or an embossed finish. Faux wood blinds are the perfect choice for almost any room in the house.  Just like our wood blinds, they are available with "routless slats" at no charge, and can be custom made with decorative fabric tape.  Faux wood blinds are the smart choice when considering price, function, and style.

Wood Blinds

2" Faux Wood Blinds- Best Seller

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These are classic faux wood blinds - only better!  Many people cannot tell the difference between our faux wood blinds and more expensive wood blinds.  Lightweight, easy to clean, and warp resistant.  Available with all the options of real wood blinds, but more cost-friendly.

Wood Blinds

2.5" Faux Wood Blinds

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Wide faux wood blinds with 2.5" slats can create the look of shutters, and provide an attractive proportion for larger windows. Consider upgrading to colored fabric ladder tape to better support the weight of the slats, although these blinds will last for may years with standard options.

Top 3 Things to Know About Faux Wood Blinds

1.Faux Wood Blinds are Moisture Resistant. Since they're moisture resistant, faux wood blinds are ideal for humid or splash areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Cleaning is Easy. Use a damp cloth or duster attachment on a vacuum cleaner to clean these blinds.

3. We Recommend Cord Tilt. A cord tilt allows you to adjust the angle of the slats with less effort, and the matching tassels create a more consistent look. Cord tilts are also helpful for people who have a limited range of motion in their wrists.