How to Measure for Window Blinds

Measuring is the most important step in ordering your custom blinds and shades. If you submit incorrect measurements, your blinds will not be returnable or refunded. In some cases, we can resize your blinds for a fee, but by following our instructions, and contacting us with any questions, your blinds will fit perfectly and function properly.

  • Before you measure, determine if your window treatment will be an INSIDE or OUTSIDE mount
  • Use a steel measuring tape (never a cloth tape)
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8"
  • Record your measurements WIDTH x HEIGHT, in this order. this is the standard for all blinds and shades
  • Always measure the exact window intended for each treatment. Windows may appear to be the same size, but can vary slightly
  • Never measure existing blinds (for inside mount) - always measure the window frame where they will be installed
  • Never take a deduction for inside mount. The factory will make a slight deduction to your measurements so the blind will properly fit
  • Read and understand our Return Policy regarding measurements
Measuring Instructions for Blinds and Shades
Inside MountThe mounting brackets sit in the opening of the window's frame, allowing the shade or blind to look flush or nearly flush with the frame or wall. This is the prefered mounting method and should be used when possible.

Inside Mount Measuring Guide
Outside MountThe mounting brackets are attached to the wall and the blind covers the window frame. Use this method when an inside mount is not possible (due to insufficent window depth or obstructions.

Outside Mount Measuring Guide

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