Aluminum Mini Blinds - Top 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

  1. Color Choices are Plentiful. Mini blinds are available in more color choices than any other type of window treatment. has over 40 colors from which to choose, including both flat and glossy black mini blinds.
  2. Stylish Blinds Don't Have to be Expensive. Aluminum mini blinds have 1" slats, are durable, lightweight, stylish, classic, and inexpensive.
  3. Durability Counts. Unlike cheap vinyl mini blinds, aluminum mini blinds are more durable, resist bending better, and don't allow light to filter through.
  4. Inexpensive Doesn't Mean Cheap. Mini blinds offer the best value for your money. They are affordable and stylish, but no one will call them "cheap"!
  5. Renters Prefer Mini Blinds. Mini blinds are ideal for an apartment or rental because of their low cost, choice of color, durability, and ease of installation.
  6. Raising and Lowering is a Breeze. Aluminum blinds are among the lightest weight blinds available and are ideal for easy raising and lowering.
  7. Cleaning is Easy. To clean, simply use a soft damp cloth or dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner. This makes mini blinds ideal for a kids' room, kitchen, or garage.
  8. Accurate Measuring and Ordering Count. Properly measured blinds are easy to install, block more light, and give a professional finish. Inside and Outside mounts have different measuring and installation directions. Follow the directions specific to the mount you choose. See's How To Measure Window Blinds guide.