1in Bass Wood Blinds

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Wood Blinds

1inch Wood Blinds

    1” WOODS - 100% BASSWOOD, 10 COLORS, 1 ½” crown valance, ROUTED ONLY, wand tilt only, LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

Blocks Light:
Easy To Clean:


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Width: Height:
= $120 $110 Buy It Now With Color

  • 524 Cherry

  • 519 Rose

  • 513 Alabaster

  • 510 Stark White

  • 517 Sugar Maple

  • 520 Pecan

  • 516 Natural

  • 521 Walnut

  • 511 Pure White

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Our 1 inch wood blinds are made from 100 percent Basswood  which are the ideal size for doors, and windows .These 1 inch wood blinds come with  a 1 ½ inch crown valance and is  only  available as routed, wand tilt, and has limited Lifetime Warranty.