Vertical Blinds: Ideal for Patio Doors and Wide Windows

Vertical blinds are available in vinyl, fabric, perforated vinyl, faux wood, and mylar (mirror finish). With over 250 choices of color and texture, we have one of the largest selections anywhere. With several configuration options, your custom design is virtually unlimited. Although discount vertical blinds are ideal as patio door blinds, they work equally as well on most larger windows because they function like drapes - sliding along a track. Create the perfect interior with vertical blinds for any style and budget. We offer unlimited free samples so you can find the perfect color and pattern for your style.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl Vertical Blinds - Best Seller

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Durable, easy to clean, and ideal for most rooms and windows. Vinyl vertical blinds are a first choice for patio door or sliding door window treatments, but will work well anywhere.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric Vertical Blinds - Best Seller

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Fabric vertical blinds are an elegant window treatment worthy of replacing expensive drapery. Fabric vanes reduce glare and are ideal for formal areas such as dining rooms and sitting rooms. Unlined fabric allow light to gently filter through. For added privacy and light blocking, upgrade by adding vinyl (PVC) backing.

smooth ribbed

Smooth and Ribbed Vertical Blinds

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Our Select from pastel colors with a smooth or ribbed finish. These simple window treatments are built to last in the USA and are ideal for residential or commercial use. These blinds are custom made to your specs with many options.

distressed wood blinds

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

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Better than real wood which can fade and warp over time, our faux wood vertical blinds will give lasting beauty to any room. Subtle grains can be matched to furniture and floors, or create a contrast with an opposing color.

perforated vertical blinds

Perforated Vertical Blinds

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Perforated vertical blinds have thousands of small holes in the vanes allowing a subtle view to the outside and filter in relaxing light to create a modern look. Also great for indoor office windows, allowing a blurred view to the inside.

Top 3 Things to Know About Vertical Blinds

1. Design Choices are Versatile. Vertical blinds come in either vinyl or fabric, allowing for several options in color and texture. offers over 100 colors and patterns (in both fabric and vinyl).

2. Consider the "Stack" when Ordering. Vertical blinds can be manufactured to move from left to right (right stack), right to left (left stack), or from the center out, where the vanes stack equally on each side (middle out). Once your blinds are manufactured, the stacking side can not be changed. Before ordering, consider furniture arrangement, sliding patio door direction, and visual preference.

3. Vinyl Backing is an Option for Fabric Vertical Blinds. Each fabric vain channels into a vinyl backing. This keeps the vanes straight, reduces sway, blocks light, and improves the insulating efficiency of your vertical blinds.