Wood Blinds: The Traditional Window Treatment

We offer wood blinds hand-crafted in the USA from kiln-dried basswood or cedar wood for a light-weight and durable window treatment that will last for years. The natural grain is highlighted with popular stains and can easily be matched to your existing decor, hardwood floors or furniture. We now offer "routless" wood blinds (no string-holes) as a free upgrade to improve light blocking. Decorative cotton tape is available for added color appeal. For a similar look, but with a lower price check out our faux wood blinds. All wood blinds are custom made to your exact specifications with options to meet most demands, and include free shipping. All wood blinds include a matching valance to cover the steel headrail.

Wood Blinds

2" Wood Blinds - Best Seller

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Our best selling 2" wood blinds. The 2" slats, made from grade-A basswood, are perfect at blocking light, increasing energy efficiency, and ensuring privacy on windows of any size. Choose from 17 colors to match any decor, from modern to traditional. You will not find a better wood blind at a better price, online or at any super store.

Wide Wood Blinds

2.5" Wood Blinds

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Wide wood blinds with 2.5" bass-wood slats can create the look of shutters, and provide an attractive proportion for larger windows. We recommend upgrading to colored fabric tape to better support the weight of the slats, although these blinds will last for many years with standard options.

Wide Wood Blinds

3" Wide Wood Blinds - Alternative to Shutters

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Our widest wood blinds are an alternative to expensive and bulky shutters and offer a clear view to the outside when open.  These wood blinds are perfect for larger windows with plenty of mounting depth.  A deluxe matching hardwood valance is included to complete the look.

distressed wood blinds

Cedar Wood Blinds

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Cedar wood blinds have just enough character with contrasting grains, distinctive knots and that light cedar sent to become the focal point of the room.  These wood blinds offer a warm and comforting look while blocking light and improving energy efficiency.  A matching decorative valance covers the steel headrail.

Distressed Wood Blinds

2" Distressed Wood Blinds

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Distressed wood blinds in 2" slats take your window treatments back in time and work perfectly in a traditional or antiquated decor. Grade A hardwood is meticulously stained and gently distressed to retain a quality of fine furniture. Choose from 5 stains. Several options and upgrades allow you to truly customizes your wood blinds.

Top 3 Things to Know About Wood Blinds

1. Routless Wood Blind Control Light Better than Routed. Routless wood blinds provide better light control by eliminating the need for the small holes found in routed blinds. WindowBlinds.com offers routless control as a free upgrade.

2. Fabric Tape adds Style and Function. Fabric tape usually outlasts standard cord ladders, and blocks more light (similar to routless blinds). Use a contrasting color for drama, or match the slats' color to create a sophisticated look.

3. We Recommend Cord Tilt. A cord tilt allows you to adjust the angle of the slats with less effort, and the matching tassels create a more consistent look. Cord tilts are also helpful for people who have a limited range of motion in their wrists.