Wood Blinds - Top 7 Things to Know Before You Buy

  1. Routless Wood Blind Blinds Control Light Better than Routed. Routless wood blinds provide better light control by eliminating the need for the small holes found in routed blinds. WindowBlinds.com offers routless control as a free upgrade.
  2. Fabric Tape adds Style and Function. Fabric tape usually outlasts standard cord ladders, and blocks more light (similar to routless blinds). Use a contrasting color for drama, or match the slats' color to create a sophisticated look. Choose EITHER fabric tape or routless - you cannot choose both.
  3. Wood is Functional and Stylish. Kiln-Dried Basswood is the finest wood available for wood blinds and is fabricated to maintain its color, shape and strength for many years.
  4. Cord Tilts are Easy. A cord tilt allows you to adjust the angle of the slats with less effort, and the matching tassels create a more consistent look. Cord tilts are also helpful for people who have a limited range of motion in their wrists.
  5. Wood Blinds are Recommended for Select Areas. Avoid installing wood blinds near sinks, showers, faucets, or in poorly ventilated bathrooms. For humid or splash-prone areas, consider faux wood blinds, aluminum mini blinds, or vinyl vertical blinds.
  6. Accurate Measuring and Ordering Count. Properly measured blinds are easy to install, block more light, and give a professional finish. See WindowBlinds.com's How To Measure Window Blinds guide.
  7. Choose between Inside and Outside Mounts. Inside and Outside mounts have different measuring and installation directions. Follow the directions specific to the mount you choose.