Bamboo and Woven Wood Shades - Top 7 Things to Know Before You Buy

  1. Natural Materials Suit Any Style. Bamboo shades are sometimes called woven wood shades, or woven wood blinds. Because of the natural materials, bamboo shades are flexible for use almost any style from traditional to contemporary, or urban to tropical.
  2. Fabric Backings Add Privacy and Light Control. For woven shades, you can request a fabric backing for privacy or a blackout liner to block as much light as possible.
  3. Smaller Natural Materials are More Delicate than Larger. Some natural materials used to make bamboo shades can be delicate. The smaller the diameter, the more delicate the blind.
  4. Natural Woods are Environment Friendly. The bamboos used in woven wood shades grow back quickly, so no harm is done to the environment.
  5. Exotic Doesn't Mean Expensive. Bamboo and woven woods are exotic, but relatively inexpensive due to their abundance and quick growing cycles.
  6. Shades can be Lowered From the Top Down. You can decide to leave the bottom part of your window covered. This provides privacy (especially if you're at street level) while allowing natural light to filter in at the top.
  7. Cleaning is Easy. To clean bamboo shades, use a duster attachment on a vacuum cleaner.