Window Blinds: Room by Room

To help you choose from the hundreds of different styles, colors and materials available from, we've gathered the advice from experts and customers on which window blinds and shades work best in a home, room by room.
Bedroom Room Darkening and Blackout Shades are very popular in any bedroom. Cellular shades (for room darkening and blackout) and Venetian blinds (for room darkening) are our best sellers for anyone who needs total or near-total darkness for sleeping. Aluminum or wood blinds also darken a room quite well, if you don't mind a small amount of light sneaking through the routing holes.
For privacy reasons, blackout and room darkening shades (cellular shades and Venetian blinds) are quite popular in bathrooms. If humidity or water splashing is a concern, consider using vinyl blinds, aluminum blinds, or faux wood blinds.
Your window treatment might get splattered from stovetop cooking or food preparation, making cellular shades not a practical choice for most kitchens. Window treatments in the kitchen should be easy to clean, but be careful about using wood blinds as the water and humid conditions can warp the wood. Smooth finishes, such as aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds and faux wood blinds, offer the easiest cleaning and are durable for kitchen activities.
Family Room
Family Room Blinds are great for maximizing light control and reducing or eliminating glare (which is important for windows near televisions). If you prefer the look of shades, however, consider room darkening cellular or light blocking cellular shades; both help reduce or eliminate glare. Another consideration for family rooms is just how rough-and-tumble the children are. Imagine the occasional (or perhaps not so occasional) flying ball or toy toss. For families with children, scratch resistant aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds and vertical blinds are very popular.
Dining Room / Living Room
The dining room and living room are typically the least used rooms of the house, but also the most formal or expensively decorated. Cellular shades and fabric verticals are by far the most popular treatments for the living and dining rooms - for their elegance and ability to add warmth to these elite living areas. The warmth of wood blinds and faux wood blinds are exceedingly popular as well, especially in traditionally or tropically decorated dining and living rooms. But the need to protect furniture from harsh sunlight is a prime concern for most home-owners. If you are unwilling or unable to lower the shades each day, during the sun intensive hours, and you don't plan to leave your shades in the lowered position 24-7, angle vertical or horizontal blinds to protect your furniture. If you want the softer feel and look of cellular shades in a blind, however, consider light filtering Venetian blinds. With their elegant fabric and unique construction, you may have the perfect treatment for your dining or living room.
Home Office
For windows facing or near television and computer screens, blinds are great for maximizing light control and reducing or eliminating glare. Modern home offices often use Venetian blinds or aluminum blinds whereas wood blinds and faux wood blinds are popular in more traditional rooms. If glare or the need to control the direction of the lights isn't a concern, then woven wood shades or cellular shades may be just what your home office needs to allow light while adding beauty.
Media Room
Blackout Shades (cellular) do the best job of blocking out all light, especially since they don't have any routing holes (where the strings go through in most blinds). If absolute darkness isn't needed, consider room darkening shades (Venetian blinds or cellular shades) or aluminum blinds.
Vertical Blinds are the most common window treatment for patio doors, given the size of the doors. Horizontal blinds can be used as well. While both types of blinds are easy to clean and provide great control over the light, many home-owners prefer cellular shades for their softer, elegant look. When choosing a blind or shade for your patio, consider how much privacy and light control you need.
Apartment / Temporary Home
You may not wish to invest a lot of money purchasing the most expensive blinds for an apartment or rented home if you only intend to be there for a short period.Aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds and even faux wood blinds are among the most inexpensive and popular window treatments for apartments and temporary homes.
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