Top 7 Things to Know About Windowblinds

Vertical Blinds Top 7
Design Choices are Versatile. Vertical blinds come in either vinyl or fabric, allowing for several options in color and texture. offers over 100 colors and patterns (in both fabric and vinyl).
Consider the "Stack" when Ordering. Vertical blinds can be manufactured to move from left to right (right stack), right to left (left stack), or from the center out, where the vanes stack equally on each side (middle out). Once your blinds are manufactured, the stacking side can not be changed. Before ordering, consider furniture arrangement, sliding patio door direction, and visual preference.
Cleaning is Easy. For vinyl vertical blinds, we recommend using a damp cloth (and if you want, a mild detergent). For fabric, use a duster attachment.
Patio doors, Small Rooms - No Problem. Vertical blinds add height to small rooms and are ideal for patio doors.
Vinyl Backing is an Option for Fabric Vertical Blinds. Each fabric vain channels into a vinyl backing. This keeps the vanes straight, reduces sway, blocks light, and improves the insulating efficiency of your vertical blinds.
Accurate Measuring and Ordering Count. Properly measured blinds will be easy to install, will block more light, and give a professional finish. See's How To Measure Window Blinds guide.
Choose between Inside and Outside Mounts. Inside and Outside mounts have different measuring and installation directions. Follow the directions specific to the mount you choose.
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