Top 7 Things to Know About Windowblinds

Vinyl Blinds Top 7
2" Vinyl Blinds are Technically Not "Mini Blinds". Vinyl blinds aren't called "mini" ( mini blinds have 1" high slats), but they function just as well.
Heavy Duty Can Be Elegant. Vinyl blinds are elegant, yet heavy duty because of their curved shape (which makes them stronger and warp resistant).
Intense Sunlight May Cause Discoloration. Vinyl blinds are not recommended for intense sunlight in hot climates.
Matching Colors is Simple. Vinyl blinds can be matched to the same color and texture of many vertical blinds.
Cleaning is Easy. To clean, simply use a soft damp cloth or dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner. This makes aluminum blinds ideal for a kids room, kitchen, or garage.
Accurate Measuring and Ordering Count. Properly measured blinds are easy to install, block more light, and give a professional finish. See's How To Measure Window Blinds guide.
Choose between Inside and Outside Mounts. Inside and Outside mounts have different measuring and installation directions. Follow the directions specific to the mount you choose.
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