Are Black Blinds Best for Darkening a Room

It's a common misconception that black window blinds darken a room. In fact, black window blinds can be as effective as white window blinds when it comes to darkening a room. In Does a Blinds' Color Make a Room Darker? you'll see how a window blinds' style and material, and not color, work together to darken a room.
If, however, you are not trying to darken your room, but are simply in the market for blinds that are black in color (i.e. to go with that sharp black and white room, or make a statement), then rest easy. You can find several different types and style of blinds that are offered in the color black.
Which Window Blinds actually darken a room?
Before you purchase any black window blinds make sure you know the difference between black window blinds and blackout window blinds. If you want to block out the sun, make sure you look for "black out" blinds. Be careful about how retailers describe their blinds. Many don't bother making the distinction between black window blinds and black out blinds. And always ask questions before buying any cheap black window blinds. When you buy cheap black window blinds, you may run into many performance issues or you may believe you're getting black out blinds when you're merely getting window blinds which are black in color. Instead of taking a risk and buying cheap black window blinds, find an experienced retailer such as which offers a wide variety of quality window blinds at a discount - discounts based on manufacturer incentive programs, not poor quality.
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